Host Pros: Server, Bartender, Chef - Since 1991

Host Pros provides servers, bartenders, chefs in Los Angeles.

Most People who call scan the internet in search of a Server, Bartender, or Chef, will simply
call and/or E mail us and say they want someone to come serve the food, pick up the plates, set up the buffet, clean the dishes, pass the appetizers, etc....

However, we believe that what really makes a great staff for a your party goes far beyond
just being able to get the job done, make the drink, serve the food, etc. A good analogy
would be Sports or Art. What the world calls "Excellence" in Sports or Art is never achieved by the baseball player or Artist who merely "goes through the motions" yet fails to put their heart into the swing of the bat or the stroke of the brush.

Believe it or not, the same is true for Bartending, Serving, and party staffing and most other jobs in life. Everyone who goes to a party, whether by choice or default, is thrown into the setting of social interaction. The hired help (Servers, Bartenders, and Kitchen Staff) will almost certainly have some social interaction with you AND with guests at your party (not one, but multiple times). Whether it is offering the Appetizer on a tray to a guest, refilling a glass of wine, taking a coat, offering dessert, coffee, or offering assistance at a buffet, etc....the guests will rub shoulders with the hired help. Can you imagine your friends and family being served by someone who isn't happy about the job they are doing or who has a flat, plain, or even stale attitude? Therefore, the ATTITUDE and PERSONALITY of a worker is probably half of what makes an "Excellent" staff member for your party.

At Host Pros, we believe that true "greatness" in a Bartender, Server, or Chef is not
determined merely by the level of skill they may possess, but also by their love and enjoyment of what they do.

These attributes are the hardest things for most companies to learn how to screen for among the thousands of applicants who may indeed have the "skill" and "ability"
Host Pros staff has the right personality and attitude that will best serve you and your guests, whatever the occassion may be.

Host Pros also understands the importance of showing up on time, being well groomed,
and having a neatly ironed uniform.